Researching, or How I Fell In Love With Post-It Notes

“Researching, or How I Fell in Love with Post-Its.” Ed. Brooklynn Lehner. Grassroots Writing Research Journal, 2.1 (Fall 2011): 95-103. Print.

This article explores the research methods used in a book-length memoir. More specifically, I address how the research involved in writing a memoir about my grandmother’s history as a Holocaust survivor differs from the research strategies I learned as an undergraduate student writing a research paper. Instead of concentrating on a controversial topic or issue, the focus in memoir writing is on the personal. I used mostly primary research methods in order to retrace my grandmother’s history, including: interviews, archival research, and searching old photo albums and regulatory documents. Although secondary research, which included the searching of library databases, was useful, primary research was more necessary for my memoir. Through this process, I came to the conclusion that the genre of the research project dictates which research methods will be most effective.