April 18 to 17 May 2014. Curator. Figure One Exhibition Lab Space; Champaign, IL.

(Re)Reticulation is comprised of a collection of unfinished quilt blocks and quilt tops, collected from thrift stores and estate sales. I am interested in the labor of the individual that started, but did not finish the quilt. I understand this work to be an exchange of labor between myself and the others who began this work,” says Laura Wennstrom. “In removing the main pieces of fabric, I am leaving the skeleton of the original quilt structure, revealing the craftsmanship and connections between disparate pieces. This structure references a web, lace, a system, or a network,” Laura Wennstrom.

(Re)Reticulation is a symphonic arrangement of formal elements. Focusing on color, composition and structure, Wennstrom reinterprets everyday objects into materials for her works to evoke never-ending landscapes and enveloping oceanic spaces.

Collecting unfinished quilts from thrift stores, Wennstrom deconstructs them, removing the decorative squares to draw attention to the objects’ absent creators. As a result, the network of stitches and joints testify to the bodies that once worked them. Hung in space, these reworked quilts call for reflection on the ghosts of what could, would, and might have been.

The installation is a transition between space, maker, and object that is meditative, while also exploring the dynamics of aesthetics, labor, and function.

Gallery installation documentation by Eli Craven. All other photos are my own.