Winter Hap∙pen∙stance

February 20, 2015. Curator. Figure One Exhibition Lab Space; Champaign, IL.

Hap·pen·stance, noun, a coincidence; a chance happening or event. The Hap·pen·stance Winter celebration was a night of poetry, dance, music, and art. This evening’s lineup included:

Poetry and prose by John Dudek, Sara Fan, Roya Khatiblou, and Calgary Martin.
Dance performances by Hadley Smith and Lailye Weidman.
Music by After-party at Venanzio’s and Markomaneis.

Hap·pen·stance was a community engagement program designed to bring visitors together at Figure One for seasonally resonant events such as dances, performances, live music, and more.

Event invitation by Taekyeom Lee. Photo documentation is my own.