• Assisted with operations and exhibitions and programming planning, including planning and executing exhibition installation and deinstallation, drafting exhibition and programming calendars, securing loan forms, writing and editing press releases, and writing, editing, mounting, and removing wall text and labels.
  • Curated Hap•pen•stance, a seasonal performance and fundraising program series.
  • Curated exhibitions for gallery Project Space dedicated to exhibiting current MFA students.
  • Interviewed, video-recorded, co-edited, and distributed across digital channels the first five F1 5×3 series videos.
  • Marketed exhibitions and events across local media channels and press outlets and social media.
  • Recruited, trained, and managed gallery employees and volunteers.
  • Reviewed applications and assisted with selection of artists for the 2014 summer Artist-in-Residence program.

Key Accomplishments

  • Assisted in the planning and realization of 10 exhibitions:
    • Heather Hart’s Porch Project (2014)
    • Sara Alsum-Wassenaar’s Here (M-Cife)+Material, 2013 (2014)
    • William Blake and Sean Tierney’s Between the States (2014)
    • Rehema Barber’s The Pop-Up Shop Show: The Art Clinic (2014)
    • Guen Montgomery’s This Space Intentionally Left Blank (2014)
    • Latrelle Brght’s Environment Matters (2014)
    • Jeff Horwat and Melonie Mulkey’s A Little Touched, But Otherwise Alright (2014)
    • Meredith Foster’s Home Is Wherever I’m With You (2014)
    • Coriana Close’s Descent into Darkness (2014)
    • Daniella Pavlić’s Deadweight (2014)
  • Increased fundraising revenue by 150% and program visitor attendance by 300% during Hap•pen•stance.
  • Founded  F1 5×3 artist interview video series, designing interview questions, videography style, and video structure.
  • Doubled gallery visitor attendance during Heather Hart’s Porch Project exhibition in spring of 2014.


Gallery photo by me.