Curator. May 4, 2013; February 9, 2013; November 3, 2012; and August 11, 2012. ComeTogetherSpace; Bloomington, IL.

Photo documentation by me.

Word Bombing was a seasonal performance series I directed and curated from May of 2012 through May of 2013. The series had originally been conceived by its founders as a creative writing showcase at Illinois State University where readers would share three to five minutes of creative work in a rapid-fire delivery style: one reader following another with minimal introduction to create a sensorial collage from the pieces shared.

Throughout the year that I served as director and curator, Word Bombing evolved into a performance series wherein poetry, prose, music, and video where all showcased in the series’ rapid-fire delivery style. It’s audience also expanded to also welcome Bloomington-Normal community members beyond the university when I moved the series off campus to ComeTogetherSpace in downtown Bloomington thanks to Matt Erickson’s generosity in agreeing to host us. Each volume was held on a Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. at ComeTogetherSpace, 212 N. Roosevelt in downtown Bloomington on the corner of Roosevelt and Jefferson. Many, many thanks to Matt and the wonderful folks at ComeTogetherSpace for always hosting us!

Guests were invited to join us for an evening of readings and fine company and become a part of the performance by bringing a snack or refreshment to share. Some performers also sold their work. There was a $5 cover to support the evening’s performers and ComeTogetherSpace.

On May 3, 2013, in anticipation of Word Bombing Vol.7, I organized Word Bombing Installation 1. This was a special performance live and on the street that was organized as part of F1rst Fr1day in downtown Bloomington to support the Annual Area Artists Showcase and Sale. This special outdoor installation was held on Friday, May 3rd at 6:00 p.m. on the corner of Center and Monroe in downtown Bloomington, IL. Many, many thanks to Heidi Royalty for inviting us!

Among the artists and performers that were featured and showcased at Word Bombing Vols. 4 through 7 and in Word Bombing Installation 1 included:

Peter Adriel

Caitlin Alvarez

Jeremy Berg

Brooke Burns

Ryan Clark

Jordan Cox

Katie DuBois

Ryan Edel

David Fairbanks

Dustin Grayson

Jackie Grobe

David Hall

Steve Halle

Brian Hedgepeth

Josh Hernandez

Jeffrey Higgins

Meg Johnson

Jamison Lee

Francesco Levato

Tristan Lipe

Eric Longfellow

Kathleen Miller

Emily Moody

Evan Nave

Lisa Phillips

Lasantha Rodrigo

Frank Sloan

Irene Taylor

Teaadora Nikolova

The Tin Flask Band

Holms Troelstrup

Curtis White

Ricky Wellhausen

Michael Wollitz

Darius Wordlaw